Scooby Doo Meet the Kiss…. and Sailormoon too

Scoobydoo & the Kiss
The DVD’s cover

After the meeting among Fred and Barney and the wrestlers,It is the turn of Scooby Doo, and the guys of the Mystery Machine to meet  the rock band and  par excellence THE KISS.

The story contains  not only all the typical elements of an adventure of Scoob & co but also a few small references to other cult TV series a bit, but let’s proceed in order. Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Welma go to an amusement park ,dedicated to  The Kiss,  to see  a mega,free concert  of the rock band which will take place at Halloween night.The guys, all rigged like The Kiss except Fred who  has more classical tastes, they come bump into  a mystery  that they will have to solve with the help of Kiss this time. The story takes  a path between the fantasy and a science-fiction at some points and a little bit apocalyptic

Trucco e parrucco
Kiss Wannabes!

The end  is very funny, extremely enjoyable and enriched by the music of Kiss, as the inevitable: I Was Made For Lovin ‘You, a song that WE ALL know. In addition to the repertoire of  the rock band; a new song has been written purposely for the film definitely not in the style of Kiss, you can hear it entirely at the end of the credits, but at the beginning of the film we hear it thanks to Fred as he plays a bit of.

In the film we discover that the red Daphne is a big fan of Kiss and especially of Starchild which will kiss her passionately in front of Fred (or it was “Frank”) who cannot believe what he sees.

The TV movie is directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, the directors of many aniamted  movies for warner bros for example they directed  the Flintstones and WWE Stone age Smackdown (here is  the link on the article in italian) and many other productions  animated  of Warner Bros.

The animation is really good, and the use of CGI isn’t abused and gave us the chance to feel the air of the classic adventures of Scoob. What I really liked are the colors at  certain moments of the film that could veer turn out to be  acidic colors, but they all  remain very harmonious. The opening title are really good,  take a look here.

Venus make up..ah no è Starchild!
Venus make up..ah no it’s Starchild!

As for the to the quotes I mentioned, the scene that amused me most was the change of costumes of the rock band, it was made in pure Sailormoon’s Make up style! Just have a look this trailer to catch the funny quote.

Crimson Witch
Crimson Witch

The four rockers remind me the Power Rangers a little ,but the Crimson Witch which is not out of place at all among the mortal enemies of the rangers. And finally the big head of the Destroyer reminded me so much Galactus from the Marvel’s Universe.

Citazione da Lilli e il vagabondo?
Lady and the tramp…  no Shag and Sbooby!

Something interesting  about the Kiss and Hanna-Barbera ; the first meeting between these two worlds dates back to 1978. The occasion was the realization of a live action starring the rock band and…an amusement park (ok and a mad scientist too) entitled ‘Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park(or The Attack of the Phantoms as called in the European market and ‘Kiss Phantoms’ in Italy). The plot was typical of the mystery solver, and we are talking about music so we could tell a story in Josie and the Pussycats style.

For now, the new film of Scooby Doo is available on DVD but not for the Italian market … we are  looking forward to it !


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